The International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems was initiated in 1995 as a forum to present and discuss the fundamentals, progress and actual trends in the area of Environmental Software Systems, in terms of methods, tools and state-of-the-art environmental informatics applications.
ISESS workshops and co-organised events 1998 ISESS Workshop Design Principles for Environmental Information Systems, 15.-18.6. 1998, St. Nikolai (AT) Select papers published in Journal Environmental Modelling & Software (EM&S), Vol. 16 No. 5 (2001) 2000 ISESS Workshop Integration in Environmental Information Systems, 28.5.-2.6.2000, Zell am See (AT) Select papers published in Journal Advances in Environmental Research, Vol. 5 No. 4, November 2001 2002 ISESS Co-organised Session at IEMSS, 22.5.-25.2.2002, Lugano (CH) Tool Integration in Environmental Decision Support Systems 2004 ISESS Workshop Environmental Risk and Emergency Management, 18.-21.5.2004, Harrisonburg (US) Select papers published in Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 22 No. 4 (2007), pp.415-448 Special Section : Environmental Risk and Emergency Management 2006 ISESS Co-organised Session at IEMSS, 9.-13.7.2006, Burlington (US) Integrated Software Solutions for Environmental Problems 2008 ISESS Co-organised Session at IEMSS, Barcelona, 7.7.-10.7.2008 (ES) Data and Sensor Networks and Environmental Modelling 2010 ISESS Co-organised Session at IEMSS, 6.7.2010, Ottawa (CA) Interaction Design for Environmental Information Systems 2014 ISESS Co-organised Sessions at IEMSS, 15.-19.6.2014, San Diego (US) Session A4: Smart and Mobile Devices for Environmental Applications Session A5: Parallel Simulation of Environmental Phenomena Session A6: Semantics, Metadata and Ontologies of Natural Systems